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The Telemarketing/Fundraising Experts

Directele, Inc. offers complete telemarketing to handle all business-to-consumer needs. Telemarketing can generate better prospects, identify potential customers and schedule appointments for sales leads. As a sales tool, telemarketing oftentimes produces the lowest cost per sale, thus reducing your sales expenses.

Your program will be developed by individual planning sessions, a script that never misses the mark, professional monitoring, timely reporting and evaluation. We have predictive dialing capability, ensuring your campaign receives the attention and timeliness it demands.

The outbound telemarketing industry generates over $400 billion in sales revenue annually. Telephone marketing, when pitted against other forms of media, is the winner for selling in the business-to-business environment. Business-to-business telemarketing sales were $220.3 billion, compared to consumer outbound marketing generating $182.3 billion in sales in 2005. Telemarketing rings up more sales than direct mail, catalogue, newspaper, radio or television. According to a survey published by Mac McIntosh of North Kingston, RI, organizations see telemarketing as the most important direct marketing activity.